March 26, 2023

Just as the publisher, 2Awesome Games describes, Lumini is a very relaxing flow-style adventure with a few puzzles and a sprinkle of enemies along the way.


Name: Lumini
Developers: Speelbaars
Age Rating: E, Fantasy Violence
Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, XboxOne
Release Date: Available Now

I haven’t gamed much recently so I wanted to seek out games that will help me ease back into the gaming world … nothing too stressful, too violent and fast paced. Lumini was the perfect game for me. Just as the publisher, 2Awesome Games describes, Lumini is a very relaxing flow-style adventure with a few puzzles and a sprinkle of enemies along the way.

The story line to Lumini is very sweet …

A long-forgotten species, a hostile planet and a journey of discovery – welcome to the world of Lumini… Having vanished without trace for thousands of years, an innocent race of creatures known as the Lumini have returned to their home world. Sadly, time has not been kind and the balance of the planet has shifted, turning the once gentle environment into a hostile landscape. Only the Lumini themselves can restore balance and help revive their long-dormant race, before adapting to preserve the future for generations to come.

And the game play experience is just a sweet as the story sounds. You glide along smoothly in a very warm, picturesque landscape collecting the planet’s energy from plant like elements around in an effort to bring back your fallen family and friends. The pace of the game is as really up to you and how slow you take your adventure and how much exploring you do. I was able to discover some hidden treasures along the way when I ventured out in the corners that may have otherwise been missed. But I am sure you can progress through the game without finding these areas.

The Lumini characters come in four different colors, each possession a different level of ability. As you progress through the game and revive more of your fallen friends you unlock different abilities. you start off as a fairly simple Lumini that can move along and cause a wave of energy that can momentarily distract enemies as needed. However, once you get to the last and most aggressive Lumini you open up the ability to really get back at the roaming foes that seek to destroy your crew.


You also get the opportunity to expand your brain just a bit with the several puzzles sprinkled throughout the game. The challenging part of the puzzles provided is the need to separate your band of Lumini into two different parties and have them do different things in order to open the way forward. It becomes increasingly difficult when you have to do these tasks simultaneously.

What makes Lumini soothing for me is the combination of spectacular graphics and the lullaby like soundtrack. It creates a very calming experience, don’t even broken by the occasional excitement of a nearby enemy. I found this to be a game that I could easily get in to a flow state and loose hours of time if my kids weren’t constantly present to distract me with their needs.

Overall, this is definitely a game to stay in the Confident Gamers library for a long time. A great way to de-stress after a long day and enjoy the beautiful exploration.

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