The Dragons Have Arrived in EarthNight NOW on the PS4


The beautifully hand-drawn action-platformer EarthNight from indie developers Cleaversoft, is now available on the PlayStation 4 in North America.

In EarthNight, you start by skydiving down through orbit to the dragon infested skies. Then the fun begins as you run, jump, and bounce along the dragon’s back all to make your way to the weak points.

You play as one of two heroes, Sydney and Stanley, each with their distinct abilities to overcome a gauntlet of obstacles and swarms of enemies that stand in their way. Sydney, a teen with ethereal powers, can double jump and make swooping attacks; meanwhile, Stanley can hop high in the air, perform long leaps, and slice through enemy formations with his sword.

“EarthNight has been an epic journey for myself and my team of rock stars over the past seven years. This process has been such an incredible ride and we hope PlayStation fans love the game as much as we have enjoyed making it.”Rich Siegel, founder, Cleaversoft

EarthNight is now available for $14.99 via the PlayStation Store, Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam for Windows PC and Mac.