Silly Bean for iOS Review

If you are looking for something of a more smooth and enjoyable experience than the rest of the Flappy Bird imitators out there, then look no further, Silly Bean may just be for you.

A few weeks ago someone reached out to us on Twitter to discus our experience with Super Flappy Ultimate Edition. They wanted to offer us an alternative that would be more enjoyable and rewarding. I am always down to try out new games so I went ahead and downloaded the Silly Bean app on my phone. Right away we knew it was clearly another version of Swing Copter which we also played and quiet frankly couldn’t stand at first at how difficult it was. But I still said, whatever man, let’s give this game a try.Right away I noticed a more smooth and anxiety free experience. Okay so maybe I am a little dramatic but man, I was getting emotion at how horrible I was performing on Swing Copter. So the fact that on the first try I was able to get 3 points I was sold on how well Silly Bean responded and reacted. While the controls and premise of Silly Bean follows the same mechanics and set up as the other tap tap tap games out there, I feel it is the most smooth. Now this is probably my way of saying it is the easiest one out there.Besides that, there isn’t much difference other than the colors are fun and the sound effects are minimal as you only hear the sound of the propeller and the ultimately fall sound each time you hit an object.We recommend you go ahead and download this free to play game and try out for yourself to see how much smoother the controls are.