March 26, 2023


The Rotor Riot mobile controller is looking to bridge that gap between console gaming and mobile gaming with it’s wired mobile gaming controller. Did this drone hobby company do just that with its Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming Controller? This is our review of the  Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming Controller.

As the mobile gaming market continue to grow and expanding its market, no one can deny just how successful it has become. The idea of being about to duplicate your console gaming experience in the palm of your hand many times centers around the controller. In this day and age, mobile devices is almost to a one to one ratio in much of the developed world and mobile devices with their touch screen interfaces makes mobile gaming very accessible.While this is all great, there is just something better, when gaming, about having a controller in hand.

This experience and feeling is the holy grail sort after by many mobile game controller makers. This is where Rotor Riot comes in.Rotor Riot is primarily a drone racing hobby company and this is their first entry into the mobile game controller. Their entry is labeled as a Wired Video Game & Drone Controller.The Rotor Riot Mobile Controller is approved by Apple for iOS devices and is stating to be the world’s first wired controller that supports the L3/R3 click fire buttons.The Rotor Riot controller is fashioned after the Xbox controller with the A, B, X, Y buttons layout, the dual control sticks, the controller pad, and the L1/R1 L2/R2 trigger and shoulder buttons.

The controller also has a holder for your mobile device. There isn’t a power supply, but instead pulls its power from the device. In our case, through the iOS Lighting connection.With the Rotor Riot controller being wired connected and not Bluetooth, you have a lag free experience which is a huge plus.

What about the games?

So when it comes to the games, Rotor Riot has teamed up with Ludu Mapp which is a companion app with 1,000 plus compatible games. While you could use the controller with other games from the Apple App Store, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll function properly and fully. Your best bet is to check out the Ludu Mapp app to make sure the game will work.We have tried it out on games from the app and off the app. Some worked and some didn’t. Two of the main ones we were finger crossing it would work was on Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately, as of this review, that’s a no go. A great thing to point out is that once you download the Ludu Mapp app and you plug in controller, it recognizes the app and launches right up.

Some Concerns!

So, while the Rotor Riot Mobile Controller was very comfortable in our hands, being that it’s fashioned after the Xbox controller, the build of the Rotor Riot Mobile Controller we found the quality, the build material, seemed “cheap”. It’s light weight and compared to the Xbox controller just doesn’t hold up. More on the build, the sticks are just looser. Another place we found there to be an issue is the fact that your device powers the controller and you can’t charge your phone while you play like with certain other mobile game controllers.Now while these are just our thoughts and concerns about the Rotor Riot Mobile Controller, know that the controller has worked great and that is the main focus.

Final Word!

The Rotor Riot Mobile Controller for the iPhone works well. It is comfortable in hand and has support for 1,000 plus games via the Ludu Mapp app. It’s connection to mobile devices through the use of Lightening connection for the iPhone or the USB-C for Android, ensure a lag free gaming experience.The Rotor Riot Mobile Controller is available for purchase from the Rotor Riot site as well as from other vendors. Check out our unboxing of the Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming Controller.

***Disclosure: Confident Gamers was provided a Rotor Riot Mobile Controller for the iPhone unit for review purposes***