Ninja Theory Announces Project: Mara


Ninja Theory’s Project: Mara will present real-world and grounded representation of mental terror.

Ninja Theory’s announcement of Project: MARA was not very filled with details. All the information given was that Project: MARA will be “an experimental title and a showcase of what could become a new storytelling medium”.

A trailer was also released entitled “The Dreadnought Diaries 1” which gives a background and idea of the focus of the next upcoming games.

Our first introduction to Ninja Theory was with HellBlade: Senua’s Sacrifice which we absolutely loved. You can watch our video review here. After watching this diary, we are so excited for what Ninja Theory has coming down the pipeline.

Be sure to check out the Project: MARA site because we are pretty sure more information will be flowing through. While you are at it, also be sure to follow Ninja Theory on their various social media accounts: YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.