Uncanny Valley Coming to Nintendo Switch


What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to enjoy an unnerving story-driven horror game. Uncanny Valley will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch in time for Christmas.

Independent developer Cowardly Creations along with independent publisher Digerati has announced that Uncanny Valley will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 25. Uncanny Valley was originally released on PC back in 2015 and received much praises.In Uncanny Valley, you as the player explore an isolated facility to solve a number of mysteries. You play as Tom, a security guard during the night shift in the middle of nowhere. Things go off the rails when shocking secrets hidden in the walls are discovered.

Uncanny Valley utilizes a consequence system, but while other games would punish failures with death, this is where the difference come in to play. In Uncanny Valley, a mistake might result in a broken arm which would in return cause problems possibly with using weapons. This changing dynamic impacts story and gameplay, requires players to rethink their approach to certain situations, and ensures a chilling sense of ever-present uneasiness.

Key Features

  • A huge, creepy facility to explore

  • Ominous and oppressive atmosphere

  • Compelling story with rich characters

  • Multiple endings to discover

  • Consequences which impact story and gameplay

Along with the release on Uncanny Valley for the Nintendo Switch on December 25th, you’ll be able to purchase it with a 50% launch discount. Head over to the Nintendo site for more details

Source: PR