My Friend Pedro Launches June 20th

Blood. Bullets. Banana. My Friend Pedro’s launch trailer is crazy!

My Friend Pedro is an intense action shooter from independent developers DeadToast Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital.

My Friend Pedro started out as a free flash game back in 2014 and now is a full grown up game where you use split aiming, slow motion, and explosions to bring order to a violent underworld.


  • Intense acrobatic slow-motion action!

  • A talking banana named Pedro.

  • Dual gun wielding, with seperable aiming.

  • Wide variety of weapons.

  • Jump, roll, swing and flip tables like a true action hero!

  • Ricochet bullets off of frying pans!

  • Kickflip skateboards while smashing through windows!

You can find out more about My Friend Pedro by heading to the site.