FLASHBACK Mobile Released

The cinematic 90’s classic interactive adventure puzzle game, FLASHBACK, now available for mobile.

If you don’t know the backstory about FLASHBACK, it follows a young scientist named Conrad B. Hart. Stripped of all his memories, you awaken on the colonized moon of Saturn, Titan. As you try to escape your kidnappers and defend yourself, you find out more and more about the plot that’s threatening the planet.

Indie videogame publisher SFL Interactive, together with veteran game creator Paul Cuisset, has worked on bringing FLASHBACK, the iconic and award-winning action adventure game from 1992, to life.


“FLASHBACK has an amazing legacy and we are very honored to bring it to mobile. FLASHBACK has been around longer than smart phones and tablets, and it is very special to bring FLASHBACK to mobile!”

– Michael Sportouch, Founder of SFL Interactive


  • Action Adventure: Experience the gripping Sci-Fi storyline of an extra-terrestrial plot that threatens the whole planet! Players must help scientist Conrad B. Hart make his way back to Earth, dodging kidnappers and enemies along the way.

  • Post-FX Graphic Filters: Enjoy the beautiful and original artwork of FLASHBACK.

  • Remastered Sound and Music: Same music remastered – enjoy the original soundtrack with updated and revamped audio.

  • Rewind Function: Players can rewind the previous gameplay, all variable according to level of gameplay difficulty.

  • Tutorial: Those who need a boost can use the tutorials to understand the game and play better!

  • Play How You Want: Players can use the old and original control mechanics or utilize the new touch screen version.

FLASHBACK is available in the App Store and Google Play for $4.99.