Justice Royale Bringing the Fight

Sometimes you have to bring the fight to the streets. Get your gloves ready for Justice Royale!

From independent developer Zapling Studios, Justice Royale is a fast paced beat ’em up game and features gesture controls perfect for mobile gaming, along with RPG elements.Swipe and tap your way throughout the city, battling reckless bicyclists, oblivious tourists, dangerous subway performers and much more. Customize your character, training them and upgrading them to be able to protect the city from the dangers. https://youtu.be/UxbPliK0lz0

You have the choice to play through Justice Royale with its episodic levels in the story mode or go all out and test your skills in a battle royale mode.

Currently, Justice Royale is soft-launched in the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, but will be releasing worldwide on May 30th on the App Store as a free to play game.

Get your gloves ready as Justice Royale will be available worldwide May 30th, 2018 on the App Store and is free to play!