Introducing Sky Noon

Time to take to the skies and use the air to put down your opponents! This is Sky Noon.

Sky Noon is a re-imagining of the old west, if the old west took place in the sky on floating frontiers. Created by independent game developers Lunar Rooster, Sky Noon is a first person brawler where players utilize powerful blasts of compressed air instead of bullets for their guns as well as using grapple hooks. So, instead of shooting your opponents, you blast them off the floating islands.

Some of the rip-roaring weapons and tools featured in Sky Noon:
  • Machine Pistol aka Road Runner: Target other players with endless bursts of air as the Machine Pistol is fully equipped to handle a large quantity of air rounds.
  • Shotgun aka Typhoon: The range of the Shotgun may be short, but with a wide spread shooting capacity, players will be able to efficiently take down their opponents.
  • Revolver aka Ol’ Faithful: For the player who has dreamed of being a western sharp shooter ala John Wayne, the Revolver is the perfect weapon to pick off your enemies with precision.
  • Hand Cannon aka Jail Breaker: The Hand Cannon is the gun for players who want to send their opponents blasting off into the clouds with a powerful BOOM!
  • Grappling Hook aka…The Lifeline: Players can use the grappling hook to latch onto buildings, crates, or the floating islands themselves to save themselves from being eliminated!

Publishers Reverb Triple XP will be taking sign-ups to a special Closed Beta that will take place this April. Please sign-up HERE to take part in the Sky Noon Closed Beta and stay tuned for more details on the official IB Discord channel.

Sky Noon will be launching on Steam Early Access in Q2 2018. Cowboys looking to join the gang should follow the game development on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook, connect on Discord, and visit the official site,
Source: PR