Headsnatchers PC Delayed

While we surely dislike game delays, we quickly forgive the delay if the final product is improved. Today Developer IguanaBee and publisher Iceberg Interactive have chosen to delay the release of the creative party game Headsnatchers.

Headsnatchers was set to be released Early Access Program on Steam today, however the release was halted to “give players the best experience of the game”. Here’s the message snatchers received today:

Dear snatchers,Headsnatchers was due to enter Steam Early access today, but we feel that we need a little more time to give players the best experience of the game as it currently stands – that’s why we have decided to hold back the Early Access release date to July 24th. Some things are worth waiting for, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!Thank you for your understanding.- Daniel Winkler, IguanaBee 

 So as things are now, we’ll just have to wait till July 24th to play Headsnatchers.While we wait, we can check out the latest Headsnatchers Gameplay – Roulette Mode Video!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm23EEKG1uY