Eternal Hope Demo Impression


Our approximately thirty-five plus minutes playing the Eternal Hope demo left us with this thought, thanks for the demo, now we want the whole game!

Eternal Hope is a hauntingly beautiful story of love and loss and the distance and sacrifices one would get to be with the One Love of their life. You will play as Ti’bi who has finally found his one True Love only for that love to be unexpectedly killed. At his lowest point, he is given the opportunity to be reunited with his Love but in order to do that he would need to venture into the Shadow World which is a sort of purgatory-like realm.

Eternal Hope can be best described as a puzzle-platformer and has a style like that of Studio Ghibli. If you have also played games like Limbo, then you will know what you will be getting yourself into. Puzzles from our demo play ranged from very simple, to a hint of complexity. One puzzle solution had us jumping from platform to platform while switching between the real world and the Shadow Realm. Death in Eternal Hope can come swiftly! Death from a high enough fall to drowning will happen. We died a number of times! Death was not a frustration point, but instead a road to the solution.

Well-timed and precise jumps and actions are needed which is why we love the control feel of the character Ti’bi. In the demo we played, we noticed that the controls were not overly complicated. You have your L stick to move, a jump button, a hold button, and a button to switch between worlds.

Our demo ended on a cliff hanger with the introduction of a troll and this just made our excitement raise!

Eternal Hope is set for release on August 6th for PC and on the Xbox One late 2020.

Check out our full demo playthrough right here: