March 26, 2023

We are proud backers of the successful Tsioque Kickstarter campaign that took place just a few months ago and we look forward to what the game will bring next year .. until then we must be satisfied with this quick demo teaser they have provided.

As we learned earlier … Tsioque is a dark 2D adventure game inspired by classic 80s and 90s point-and-click titles. In this game you take the role of a young girl Tsioque, who was imprisoned in a castle that is overtaken by the Evil Wizard. When darkness falls on your home, places that were formerly familiar will suddenly turn unfriendly and extremely dangerous. Your castle walls will now become a deadly trap in which you must escape and put an end to the Evil Wizard’s plans before the spell that he has cast on the castle escalates, which will then trigger a chain of events that re beyond anyone’s control.The demo begins by giving us a full description of how our heroine Tsioque ended up in the strange and dark predicament that she is in. The story is told like any fairy tale bed time story is read with each page digging deeper into the story.Tsioque StoryOnce you have listened to the story unfold the demo begins and you take over. Like any point-n-click game the only tools you really need is your mouse. You will naturally being to click around to see what gives you a reaction or what you can interact with. What I really enjoy about this demo, and I hope they keep in the game is that it is very distraction free. Meaning there is not a whole lot that you can click and interact with, only the things that are needed to progress the game. Some things you can click on but you will see they will only wiggle or do a little something, but it is clear that it is not something you need to be concerned about when it comes to solving the next puzzle.Tsioque Demo 1This demo only has three main areas for you to experience and solve puzzles in. Depending on how long you take to explore the rooms and complete the puzzles it could take anywhere from 5-30 minutes for you to run through this demo. The various puzzles you are presented with range in levels of difficulty and challenge you to really be aware of your surroundings and how to use them to your advantage. It was a nice balance of simplicity and challenge.One thing that was nice that I felt also contributed to the sense of a distraction free gaming experience was that in this demo there is not much going on around you screen that you have to think about. You have one simple bag that right now seems to be focused on carrying one item at a time, the only essential item you need to solve the puzzle in front of you. This may change when the game is released and it could possibly hold more items but for now I found that actually to be a pretty nice feature.Tsioque Demo 3If we can take a moment to talk about the look and sounds of the game so far. Everything I felt did a great job of drawing you in. The colors tones and music do a great job of setting the stage of the dark times and maneuvering around this over run castle. And the sound effects of the various characters and creatures around the building are really adorable. (Can we say that about a video game?)Tsioque Demo 6So needless to say this demo is a quick and simple but long enough for you to consider if it is a game experience you want to continue. I was surprised when it finished so quickly but was left wanting more, which was actually a good promising feeling.Well hope you enjoyed our little look at the demo, if you have the chance please do check it out for yourself. You can find out more information and download the demo here.

disclosure: this demo is free for all to play … so we did and we played the MAC version.