March 26, 2023

Coming later this year is Furi, a Japanese inspired, fast paced game that requires quick reflexes and great timing. Included here is a very colorful 10 minute boss fight to peek your interest.

… Furi isn’t like anything you have seen before. Stylish, colorful, and packed solely with intense boss fights … – The Game Bakers

Furi was developed by independent game study The Game Bakers. The Game Bakers is consists of former AAA developers that have a knack for making games like they cook food: with a lot of love. They want to create an experience that you will remember, that you have fantasies about long after the game is finished, and that makes you feel alive and energized.Furi came out with a bang today by providing a 10-minute, unedited proof-point gameplay video. This full-length boss fight is actually a speedrun that showcases the skill, reflexes, and strategy required to beat one of its multiple bosses.Furi_Law_CCM_640In this gameplay video, you will see how The Game Bakers reveals one of their game’s fiercest guardians. This tactician, hunter and playful mercenary doesn’t leave anything to chance. She has planned her fight and has weapons to help her win: drones, a laser sniper rifle, a great camouflage, and she can even control every bit of the arena she fights in, raising covers, blocking paths as she wants.

“At first, she’ll hunt you, hidden in her maze, shooting at you while you are distracted by her cyber-bees,” says Emeric Thoa, Creative Director. “You will have to find her, and attack her before she relocates. You’ll get to face her for a while if you can do that, but that’s still playing into her hand.”

You will witness some tips and trick on how this boss reacts and how you can plan your attack when you purchase the game later this year on the PS4 and PC.Furi is inspired by the “Japanese way” of making games: it’s not realistic in its style or animations. It is fast-paced and requires great timing, reflexes, and judgment. With immediately responsive controls, players have the ability to think and act nimbly. Each of the formidable “guardians” — designed by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki — has a distinct, surprising combat style requiring gamers’ absolute focus, skill, and split-second reflexes to defeat it.SIDE NOTE: The high-energy collision of vibrant visuals and electrifying combat is boosted from an explosive soundtrack composed by electro musicians highlighted by Carpenter Brut, who created this boss music.