March 26, 2023

The release of Bayonetta 2 is just weeks away. And to celebrate we are playing the Demo and sharing

Okay so we at Confident Gamers have been super excited for Bayonetta 2. Watching the Nintendo Direct a few weeks back only fueled our fire for what is to come. This game has been years in the making and to know it is only days away is amazing. So of course we downloaded and played the demo as soon as possible.The demo is available for download now and you have 15 times you can load and play the demo. Not enough for this household of 3 gamers but we will have to make it work.You have two option for controls during the demo, you can chose to use the Wii pad with the classic controls or use the touch pad feature. I haven’t tried to touch pad control yet so I can’t speak on those controls at this time but will consider it in the near future. I just happen to prefer to be a button pusher myself.Here is a basic layout of the controls so you can begin to prepare for you fingers for the pain it will endure shortly. While the options may seem simple for attacking the combinations you can deliver are endless.The opening and graphics as we all know already are stunning. Once you complete the basic control tutorial and practice you are put on a top of a moving jet to practice you newly developed button smashing skills. As expected the longer you play and defeat the enemies the harder and larger they become. You will have ample time to practice the combos and use your Umbran Climax to wreak havoc on the enemies.During the demo you are provided with the opening to the main story line of Bayonetta 2. Your best friend and fighting partner Jeanne shows up to assist with defeating the enemies. While she is there you have a close encounter with a fiend from the inferno underworld that threaten to take you while, she jumps to your rescue and ends up having her soul knocked out and taken to the inferno. The demo allows you to battle the raging beast that dare to separate you two. After that you must wait in anticipation to see how you will go about rescuing her beloved soul and restoring Jeanne.Check out some of the game play of the demo below. We are going to be real here with you and explain that, no at this time we don’t have a capture card to collect our WiiU game-play so you will be entertained by my beloved kids who insisted on cheering me along despite our desperate pleas with them to stay quiet.