March 26, 2023

As a huge Final Fantasy fan I’m thrilled to finally have the long awaited Final Fantasy 15 demo installed on my Xbox One, ready to play.  I refused to watch any videos or impressions because I wanted to experience it for myself first hand.

Here are my top five hopes that I’ll find in this Demo:

1. A Fun Combat System

Most of final fantasy is about grinding, getting strong, and fighting battle after battle.  Some Final Fantasy games do this better than others.  Final Fantasy 15 defiantly looks like it has taken a very new approach to combat with its real time, free flowing, kingdom hearts style.  Lets hope it pays off.

2. Surprises

I want to do more than just fight.  I want to explore and discover things.  I want to uncover hidden items and places some might overlook if they weren’t careful.  I want to be blown away by what they decided to include in this demo.

3. A Place I Don’t Want to Leave

By the end of the demo, whatever form that takes, I want to yearn for more!  I can’t remember the last time I played a demo of a game and actually wanted more.  I think Square Enix might be able to pull it off.  But we’ll see

4. A nod to previous games

I would love to come across some gems nodding their heads to previous games in the series.  Nothing like nostalgia to win over fans!

5.  Was it worth the wait?

8 years in the making – will it be worth the wait?  Time to find out.