The Last of Us! Early Access Demo Reviewed!

For those of us who purchased God of War: Ascension, yesterday we were finally granted our early access pass to download the demo for Naughty Dog’s upcoming post-pandemic thriller The Last of Us. Since I had not played Ascension in a while, after putting in my disc, I had to sit through 4 updates/installs before even accessing the Ascension title screen. Then came the actual demo download, and once I clicked on the The Last of Us icon, yet another massive install followed. In all, I believe a good 30-40 minutes had elapsed between the time I decided on playing the demo to the time I actually had the chance to start. I digress…LastUs3In short, based on my experience with this demo, I think Naughty Dog, makers of hands down one of the best gaming trilogies you’ll ever play (Uncharted), has yet another winner on their hands. At the start of the demo, before I took a single step with Joel (the protagonist you control), the very first thing I did was use the right analog stick to admire the scenery. In my mind I thought “Wow, if the demo looks this great, I cant wait to see the finished product.” Basically, I was pleased. When I finally took control of Joel and started experimenting with the buttons, there was definitely an Uncharted-esque feel to the controls. That’s either a plus or a minus depending on who you ask, but for me I didn’t have an issue due to my familiarity to the series. As for the gameplay, I can tell that gamers will be rewarded for exploration and scavenging, as is the case with most survival games. I always travel the unbeaten path or away from navigation markers, and even here in this demo, the tactic paid off as I found useful items that I could use in order to craft. “Crafting” has become an increasingly popular aspect infused into games. It can be gimmicky, but for this game, it will be vital to survival. Knowing what to craft will be the difference between life or death. Do I use this rag with a blade to craft another shiv tool, or do I use this rag with alcohol to create a medipak instead? Decisions. Choose wisely. I found it interesting that Joel removes his backpack and starts ravaging inside as you are viewing your inventory. Hmmmm, the only thing missing here is a WiiU gamepad.LastOfUs2As for the infected, the “Clickers” are going to be a lot of fun. The sound they make will put you on notice. Blind as a bat…supersonic hearing…ferocious…tread lightly. At one part in the demo, I was in a building that was said to be collapsing. I picked up a bottle but decided that I wanted to pick up a brick instead. When I picked up the brick, Joel dropped the bottle, which proceeded to roll and roll all the way to the wall of the room because the room was leaning/uneven. It’s those little things that I also find pretty cool. Finally, when I got to the end of the demo (which I felt like it was), I ran up against some infected and was immediately prompted by the game on how to aim and fire my weapon. So obviously, the only thing left to do was….NOT fire my weapon. But that comes with experience. I chose the stealth route instead and maintained this tactic after discovering silent kills were possible. I ended the demo by sneaking up behind a clicker, putting my arm around his head, and sticking my last shiv into his neck. I’m sure there will be some trophy attributed to this feat once the game releases on June 14th.Don’t own a PS3? Didn’t purchase a copy of God of War: Ascension? No worries, check out the early access demo below. Based on what you’re about to see (a different playthrough experience than what I described for myself above), do you think this is a title you’ll eventually want to get your hands on? I’m pre-ordered and ready to roll in 2 weeks. Check back in the future for a review of the full game.– JayDubbSource: YouTube; Arekkz