March 26, 2023

EA, winner of the “Worst Company in America” award the past 2 years, just wrapped up its E3 press conference. Overall, I thought the presentation was put together nicely and it seems as if redemption will be within reach for EA. Here’s a snippet of what we learned/saw during the 1-hour conference.11 new EA games on the horizon for PS4, XboxOne, PC, and/or Xbox360.Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare – Coming first to the XboxOne and then later to the Xbox 360. Third person action game. Co-op mode enabled.Titanfall – Available Spring 2014 from Respawn Entertainment, coming to PC, XboxOne, and Xbox360. Looks like the birth child of Halo and Modern Warfare.EA Sports Ignite and Frostbite3 featured as two all new incredible engines that will be running upcoming EA titles such as: Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed Rivals.Need for Speed movie production clips were shown, introduced by actor Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman) from the Emmy award winning series Breaking Bad.DragonAge Inquisition trailer revealed. Coming Fall 2014.NBA Live 14 makes its way back to the EA Sports lineup, promoted by Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers. New bounce physics added to the basketball via Ignite engine. Trailer was unimpressive, doesn’t seem as if it will upend the 2k series.Madden 25 looks amazing, much better than what was shown during the XboxOne reveal. Realistic player movements and intelligence added not only to the ball carriers, but also the offensive and defensive lineman.Fifa 14 (introduced by rap artist Drake) looks as if it will continue to be a popular EA sports title. Hundreds of new skills and precision movements added for a more realistic and enjoyable experience. Available for XboxOne and PS4.UFC title introduced by president Dana White and champions Jon Jones and Benson Henderson. Coming Spring 2014.Battlefield 4 – New commander mode. Can interact with the game anytime anywhere from multiple devices thanks to an in-game social network. Live multiplayer session was conducted on stage. Not overly impressed by the visuals, but the jet skiing and building collapse were nice.Dice unveiled new Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer. Looks interesting.Continue to follow us here at CG for up to the minute news for E3 2013.– JayDubb