Red Bull Air Race

This game has”take off” with over 3 Million downloads in the first 10 days of its release.

We couldn’t help but notice the buzz going around the popular energy drink Red Bull and their new mobile game app Air Force. I have personally never been too good with flight simulator games but I figured, hey why not give it try. So I grabbed a quick can of Red Bull (cause I can’t image you are suppose to play without that liquid energy flowing in you), hoped on the couch and started my download.Red Bull Air Race Mobile AppFirst let’s get some details out of the way. Developed by Roadhouse Interactive, Red Bull Air Race is based on the world’s fastest motor sport series – Red Bull Air Race World Championship. This action-packed racing game starts pilots off with training in the “pilot camp”. In Brazil, they prepare for the racing season and familiarize themselves with the controls. Then it’s off to the career mode on the trail of the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship in eight different locations on three continents to gain the winner’s cup. All the courses in the game are modeled closely on the originals and are unlocked gradually. Six different aircraft, each with its own special flight characteristics, are available on release for action-packed duels.Red Bull Air Race Mobile AppThe game right now is available for free with some in-app purchase options on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Now before I go too far let me first share that I do have an iPhone5 with iOS8 loaded. Haven’t made the leap to the iPhone6 yet … one day.

I will assume also at this point that all 3 million people who downloaded the game are playing it right now because every load screen is like waiting for water to boil … worth the wait but oh so painful.First of my experience starts very choppy. It took me quite some time in order to be able to play online, it insists that I please check my network settings … trust me, they are fine. Once I finally got in things got better. One of the first things I see if the plane customization options. You start with game off with some coins already in your stash but they aren’t quite enough to start customizing just yet. But you can at least see the options you have to look forward to.You will have a quick tutorial about the controls, pretty simple actually. The right on screen thumb stick is the throttle and left on screen thumb stick controls the direction. That is all you really need. However I can almost guarantee you will catch your self tilting your phone or tablet in hope to get the plane to respond to your commands even more. SPOILER …. that doesn’t really work, but keep at it, its cute.The tutorial itself seems actually pretty smooth, not to fast and gets you feeling comfortable with the game.And then you hit the first real air track and you take off pretty quickly. The speed is certainly increased and you have the sense of less time to react to the turns in order to hit the next designated target. The controls are still smooth and easy but it’s just fast …Your objects here are to get in between the marked field of range to the left of, right of, or in between the pylons. You of course want to get as close as possible for higher points but avoid actually hitting the pylon for risk of losing points due to damage.I personally haven’t gotten to far in the game, but wanted to spread the word and encourage you guys to try it out. If you enjoy fly simulators you will have fun with this .. trust me though, drink a red bull first or your brain just wont keep up with the speed.You can find out more information and follow the game here:

Download Red Bull Air Race: The Game now for iOS and Android