MiniDrivers Mobile Game

MiniDrivers, an iOS & Android game that offers an excellent warmup to the 2015 Formula One World Championship

Independent games developer and publisher Ivanovich Games announced their worldwide release and availability of their newest action-packed arcade racer, MiniDrivers, now available as a free download, just in time for the 2015 Formula One World Championship.

MiniDrivers offers fast-paced racing action where you, yes you, play the main character, and you are in control of the coolest racers around. Change the rules of your favorite sport and burn some rubber in the craziest races imaginable. Based on the animated series and loved by millions of fans, the time has come to prove your worth as racing champion of the world.MiniDrivers offers 20 of the most popular tracks of the series all rendered in glorious detail, and includes surprises that will shock you with the full grid for the 2015 season of drivers. Change the story, change the rules, but whatever you do, have fun doing it! The game includes 3 gameplay modes (Tournament, Seasonal and Online tournaments), and even includes chapters of your favorite animated series to watch directly from within the game. Can you beat Minicedes with the Minauber? Maybe some upgrades or power-ups would help, such as the ability to freeze your opponents with Freeze-o-kimi or how about throwing boomerangs to force riders off-track?

I of course had to try it out for myself before telling you fine folks about it. Here is a quick comical video of me attempting to drive. The claim it is for all ages but somehow I don’t see my kids mastering these controls. It is not very easy to navigate the corners. I ended up kissing the wall a lot.

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