E3 2013: Ubisoft delivers!!!! Great games on the horizon!

Notwithstanding the awful writing and delivery of on-stage jokes during this hour and 20 minute presentation, I would have to say thus far, this has been the best presentation of E3 2013, reconfirming Ubisoft’s success in the industry. Get ready for a pretty decent lineup of games from this stellar company…games for all ages…games for all genres…and more importantly, games for all platforms. Unlike the EA presentation earlier today, Ubisoft has not completely abandoned the WiiU and still supports and believes in Nintendo.8-time grammy nominee Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains opened the Ubisoft presentation in style rocking his electric guitar to introduce Rocksmith 2014, coming this October!Aisha Tyler once again hosts the Ubisoft press conference. I guess her constant pressure on Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot worked.Splinter Cell Blacklist coming August 20th!!!!! Cannot wait for this one. Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer makes its triumphant return.Rayman Legends trailer introduced. This game looks gorgeous. and thanks to various demos and the WiiU challenge app, this has quickly moved into my “must-buy” category for games. Biggest Rayman ever. Over 120 levels. Coming September 3rd.The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – Free to play internet game. ¬†Goal is to steal treasure from your neighbors while protecting your own by building a fort/castle with various defenses. You can play the free beta now at www.mightyquest.com.SouthPark: The Stick of Truth. Hilarious trailer introduced. Thank you Ubisoft, Trey Parker and Matt Stone for bringing us another game from this epic tv series. Coming this holiday season.Very nice trailer for The Crew revealed. Looks like a team based cooperative driving game. You and your team look to infiltrate and take down corrupt organizations. The game will feature illegal races and optional skill missions to earn credits for upgrades and customizations. Easily invite friends to help you on co-op missions. Online will be huge. The cars you drive by can be A.I. or they can be other people playing in other crews across the world. Not into driving games, but this looks interesting for fans of the genre, especially the co-op aspect.The highly anticipated Watch Dogs revealed a fantastic new cinematic trailer showing off the power of next-gen capabilities. This one will be making it to my gaming collection as well.Just Dance 2014. Will this ever get old? The answer is no. Ubisoft has found a solid franchise here, now featuring 6-player dances and a variety of different tandem player modes including a DJ controlling the music from the WiiU gamepad.Rabbids Invasion the TV show is coming soon to Nickelodeon. You’ll also be able to interact with the TV show with your console.Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag debuts a brand new trailer. Looked good, but wasn’t overly impressed. Not sure how I feel about a “pirate world” AC game. It’s mainly my sheer fandom of the series that will ultimately persuade me to grab this one.Two Trials games will be released by Ubisoft: Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier (for mobile).Massive Entertainment teams with Ubisoft to bring us an online, open-world multiplayer RPG called Tom Clancy’s The Division. A tactical team created to save what remains 3-weeks after a pandemic hit the city on Black Friday due to a virus that spread from money. A gameplay demo was conducted on stage, and I can say, my interest has definitely peaked, as with anything bearing the name Tom Clancy. I see trace elements of Rainbow Six in this one. Will be available for PS4 and XboxOne.Sony’s presentation is up next at 9pm EST (6pm PST). Nintendo’s Direct will air tomorrow beginning at 10am EST (7am PST). Remember to stay tuned to CG for complete wrap-ups and commentary of these presentations and other news coming out of E3 2013.– JayDubb